Greenlee Elementary School

Greenlee Launches New Student Pillars

Posted 02/06/2016


We each share a responsibility to make our school a healthy learning environment where we can grow as students and people. We are committed to ensuring that every Greenlee student will develop lifelong agency by becoming adaptable, well-balanced individuals who envision possibility in all environments. To make certain that students fully understand and commit to the new vision, the Greenlee community has developed three pillars to support our journey. With staff and family support, Greenlee students will be healthy, expressive, and enlightened, giving students the capacity and power to thrive in any setting.

On Friday January 29, Greenlee launched the new student pillars to the entire school community. Students were introduced to the new vocabulary and principles through an engaging assembly featuring student voices, videos, Greenlee “Kid Presidents”, and culminating with new sweatshirts given to all students.

Students and staff members are now on a journey to build possibility through our pillars. If you have questions about the vision of Greenlee and our supporting pillars, please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher.

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