Greenlee Elementary School

Possibility Plan: A Bold New Vision

The Possibility Plan is the five-year strategic blueprint developed by members of the Greenlee community to ensure that Greenlee Elementary nurtures a school environment where Every Child Succeeds.


In the fall of 2015, the school community started work on redesigning Greenlee Elementary.  The School Leadership Team (SLT) facilitated four community design meetings, spanning the course of two months.   These meetings were an opportunity for participants to voice concerns, but more importantly, a chance to brainstorm pathways to possibility. What can Greenlee be? What is special about our neighborhood? Our kids? Our staff members? We asked our participants to dream big and to dream boldly.  And that’s just what we did.

Our first design night laid the foundation for the entire plan.  We created a vision for the type of student we wanted Greenlee to produce.  The Greenlee SLT then synthesized the community input and created the vision that Every Greenlee student will develop lifelong agency by becoming adaptable, well-balanced individuals who envision possibility in all environments.

Our remaining three design nights focused on the instructional, cultural and organizational elements needed to make our new vision a reality.  The Greenlee SLT again synthesized the findings and created a summary plan.  The summary plan was presented to the students, parents, staff and community members for final review and feedback.  The Greenlee SLT incorporated the feedback and finalized what would become our Possibility Plan.

 The Possibility Plan is organized into six core components: Shared Agreements, Organizational Structure, Time, Instruction, Wrap-Around Services, and Engagement.  Each component has a series of steps that will be implemented over the next three years.  Years four and five are devoted to a deeper level of implementation and leave room for additional growth.  In January 2016, we began implementation of our first steps upon return from winter break.